CSC written submission on the Green Paper on Policing

The Campaign for Safe Communities (CSC) has made a written submission to the Civilian Secretariat of Police on the Green Paper on Policing. The Green Paper was released on 18 June and the deadline for submissions was originally set for 7 July.

The CSC, supported by our partner organisations, wrote to the Civilian Secretariat requesting that the deadline be extended to 31 August. The Secretariat responded by extending the deadline to 31 July.

In all the meetings and workshops held with partner organisations and community members, the general consensus was that the timeframe given was not sufficient in order to make serious and meaningful submissions. Furthermore, the public was not given the opportunity to participate in the initial drafting of the Green Paper.

Over the last decade, frequent revelations regarding police brutality and misconduct have eroded the public’s trust in the service. According to a SAPS internal audit released earlier this week, many police officers remain on active duty despite being convicted of criminal offences. Serious transformation needs to happen within the police service in order to rebuild people’s trust. The Green Paper could have provided an opportunity to start the process of reengaging the public and rebuilding the public’s confidence in the service. Unfortunately, that opportunity was squandered by the lack of public participation.

The CSC’s submission calls for the creation of a police service that is:

  • Democratic, accountable and effective under a professional and ethical command,
  • Performs its constitutional obligations diligently and without delay in terms of section 237 of the Constitution,
  • Does not tolerate corruption, and
  • Safeguards the vulnerable.

To read the CSC’s submission on the Green Paper on Policing, please follow the link:

CSC Submission on the Green Paper on Policing 31 July 2013