Minister Mthethwa announces conclusion of Audit on active SAPS members with criminal records

Media Statement from SAPS (28July 2013)

PRETORIA – The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa today announced that an audit on members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) with criminal offences but are still within the employ of the department, has been completed. He revealed that the audit established that 1448 members have criminal offences.

“Reaching this milestone was critical for us as this was a very complex and painstaking exercise which entailed the assessment of individual members’ records. The process began two years ago and included auditing of all SAPS employees, those employed under SAPS Act and Public Service Act.”

“It entailed thorough processing of statistical data, cross checking against the Crime Information System, personnel human resource files and finger printing. The audit process was protracted and took longer than anticipated because part of our approach on this matter was to ensure we exhaust all the avenues, be they legal, operational as well as labour relations aspects.”

“The next step is for the National Commissioner of Police, General Riah Phiyega, to act on the outcome of the audit. I have now instructed her and the management team that feedback on action should be provided to me by the end of October this year,” the Minister said.

Minister Mthethwa indicated that the audit process revealed serious challenges with regard to management of discipline within the department. It was against this backdrop that he instructed the officials to develop a long term strategy on matters of discipline and related matters, which they are busy with.

“I wish to sincerely thank the team (SAPS as well as the Civilian Secretariat for Police) which worked very hard and meticulously to ensure that this audit was completed. The process going forward will require even more dedication.”

“This is a legal process where everyone will be given an opportunity to state his or her side of the story. That said, our resolve to root out any unwanted elements within the police will never be deterred by anything, no matter how long and what it takes,” the Minister concluded.


For enquiries, please contact:

Zweli Mnisi, Spokesperson to the Minister of Police 082 045 4024

Issued by the Ministry of Police

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